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We try to offer a varied selection so not all activities are offered during every programme of activities

Mobile Zoo

I wonder who we will meet this time? Exotic mammals, reptiles, pets and big bugs. Come and meet some new friendly animals to hold and touch. Places are limited, please book early.

Rochford Archery (7yrs—12yrs)

Try this historic and timeless sport.  Always very popular and as spaces are limited to 12 each session you would be advised to book early.

Chocolate making

Do you like chocolate? Then do not miss this fabulous workshop taught by experienced chocolatiers, you even get to take the chocolate home! Places are limited, please book early.


Come and see what yummy goodies we have to make this time, biscuits?Cakes? Join in the fun and take them home to Mum or Dad!

Cake decorating

Did you make cakes earlier in the day? Come and decorate them with sprinkles, edible glitter and lots of other exciting toppings!

Animal arts and crafts

What did you see at the mobile zoo? A spider? A snake? A rabbit? Now is your chance to make a model of what you saw, try to remember some animal facts to impress your friends with!

Horse riding

Now spring is here, it is time for our favourite pony, Sylvester to come out again. He is happy to let you have a ride on his back and plait his mane, come and learn how to groom and care for him.

Street/Hip Hop dancing

Leah is a specialist in street and hip hop dance and has choreographed for Simon Cowell! Come and join our workshop where Leah will teach you lots of body popping and street moves culminating in a routine to show off at the end of the session.

Scavenger hunt

What can we find? Take a look at our list and see if you can find everything on it first. Come and join our trail, complete with excellent clue ideas, wrong turns and a final treasure.

Team games/competitions

A nice easy fun packed afternoon, having lots of games and competitions with all your friends, who knows you may even win a prize!!

Strictly come dancing

Get your dancing shoes on to come and learn an exciting dance routine with our very own strictly professional Fill Powell, boys and girls both welcome.

Wildlife detective workshop

Spring time is coming, it’s time to put your detective skills to use and see what we can find in the grounds of St Luke’s!

Modern Music with Jill James

Jill James will be helping you to be performers and composers during this workshop.  There will be singing and playing percussion instruments - drums, cymbals and many more.

Art & Craft - Collage

Remember, remember the 5th November.  Can you make a firework picture using our collage box?

Golf Coaching

Come and learn this precision club and ball sport.  Do you have the skills?  You can find out with a professional golf coach.


Come and join Ruggerbugs on this informal yet professional introduction to the energetic team game of non contact rugby. Don’t forget to wear your PE or football kit.