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SEND Children on Roll

SEN Support – Additional School Intervention              22 (one with medical funding)

SEN Support – Higher Level with EHCP/Statement     8

SEN Support – Higher Level without funding                2

Total SEND:                                                                 32


Changes to SEND Register

We are in the process of working with the Local Authority to change all remaining Statements of SEN to EHC Plans.  Two are in the process of being changed, and the final Transfer meeting will be held in the Autumn Term 2017.  After this, there will no longer be any children holding the old style ‘Statement’.  All children with allocated funding will hold an Education, Health and Care Plan.

There has been a slight increase in the number of children on SEN Support.  This is because new needs have been identified and, in some cases, a diagnosis made.

External Professionals

We rely on the support provided by external professionals to ensure that we are providing the correct provision for our SEND children.  We currently access support from the following teams:

·         Specialist Teacher Team for Autism & Social Communication Difficulties

·         Specialist Teacher Team for Speech and Language

·         Specialist Teacher Team for Physical & Neurological Impairment

·         Specialist Teacher Team for Learning Difficulties & Disabilities

·         Occupational Therapy

·         Physiotherapy

·         School Nursing Team

·         Educational Psychology Team

·         Speech and Language Therapy

Autism & Social Communication Difficulties

As identified in the previous report, we are in line with many schools across the County in seeing our numbers of children with Autism and Social Communication Difficulties increasing.  Currently, one third of our SEND children have a diagnosis of ASCD.  We have therefore worked closely with the Specialist Teacher Team for Autism and attended further training to help us plan support for children with Autism.  The SENCO is currently using a framework provided by the Autism Education Trust to identify ways that we can improve our support for children with Autism.  In addition, we will be providing dedicated release time (one afternoon per week) to our Autism Lead Practitioner so that they can work with colleagues, demonstrate new strategies, monitor support across the school and make new resources.  The Autism Lead Practitioner will work closely with the SENCO to develop this role in the next twelve months.

New Funding

The SENCO has been able to secure additional funding for individual pupils, which will enable us to provide further 1:1 support to children with EHCPs.  One new EHCP has been issued with funding, and one pupil has been granted Medical Funding to support Maths and Literacy.  In September, a further two children will join us with funding linked to EHCPs.  This is good news in that we will be able to provide the support that individual children need, but it will also be important to monitor LSA staff training to ensure that we continue to have the skills needed to support an increasing number of children with specific SEN.




Paper copies of all documents are available by contacting our school office 

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