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Today we held our first Coffee & Chat for a while and had several parents come along.  We discussed the following items:

- Having more theme days and advertising them on the website

- Having more extra-curricular activities - clubs after school can be difficult to organise with teachers having so many priorities, but we will look at asking parents if they can help out.  Hopefully we can start some new clubs such as computer club, chess club, lego etc.  Rounders and cross country clubs are already in the pipeline for next term

All governors have updated the Register of Business Interests for 2016/17.  We elected a new Chair and Vice Chair of Governors - Mr Stewart Eastbrook is our Chair and he is assited by Mr Paul Butcher as  our Vice Chair.  Reverend Renshaw Was thanked for her two years of service as our Chair.

We approved our Terms of Reference for both the Finance, Personal and Property committee and the Curriculum and Pupil Related Matters committee.  Mr Glasson will continue as Chair for FPP and Mrs Riley will continue as Chair for CPR.  The following responsibility areas were assigned to governors:

SEN and G&T - Mr Glasson

Safeguarding - Rev. Renshaw

Mrs Riley reported that the new website was now live.  We were notified of a change in payroll providers, but there were some problems that needed to be fixed.  Our Pupil Premium numbers are decreasing and someone questioned why this could be happening.  We discussed how hard it is to determine which pupils are entitled to free school lunches, especially now that Key Stage 1 children are all entitled to free meals.  The Pupil Premium doesn't just cover meals for children, it also provides money to the school to help give extra to support and resources to entitled children.  We will now be obtaining NI numbers from parents to try and increase the funding we can receive.  The interventions put in place to help children are shown to be impacting positively.  

This morning the 8 pupils participating in the Year 6 Community Challenge Award stood up in front of their parents, classmates, staff and governors to do their presentations on famous people and places.  They did very well and although nervous, presented some very interesting facts about local places and people.  Who knew the word 'salary' came from the word 'salt' when the Romans used to get paid with salt?  

The presentations included Ali Carter, John Mechi, Layer Marney Tower, Colchester Castle, Dorothy Sayer, Colchester Zoo and the Maldon Salt Company. 

The Community Learning Team met on Wednesday 20th April 2016 in class 11.  We discussed Miss Key's introduction for the year 6 Community Challenge Award, which is going very well.  It's the first year it's been run and we have 8 pupils who have nearly completed it.

We ware trying to encourage more people in the community to use our newly revamped library.  Parents are more than welcome to come in and read with their children after school.  There will hopefully be a library opening event, and we're currently looking for an author to come and cut the ribbon.  

We discussed the World Book Day photos making it into the local paper and noted that we need to make sure we get articles regularly into the Tribune again.  Mrs Riley will talk to the office staff about the process.  

The Citizenship Award Scheme will start for years 3 and 4 in September.  This is a precursor to the Year 6 Community Challenge Award.


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